About Us

     Arkansas Mill Supply Company has proudly served the Arkansas industry since 1905, at which time Brown & Brothers of Camden, Arkansas a hardware and mill supply company owned by Edward M. Brown, merged with Camden Machinery and Supply to create Camden Hardware and Mill Supply Company. Among the original stockholders were ANnie E. Brown, Edward M. Brown and Walter William Brown. To this day, the Brown family still owns the majority stock in the company and three Brown family members are active in it's operation. Other stockholders are associates of the company.
     In 1912, it was decided to move the business from Camden to Pine Bluff, Arkansas, a location more central to the lumber industry and a bustling rail center. This was an essential move, as many company salesmen traveled by train from one lumber town to another, making calls and staying overnight in local hotels.
     In 1921, Walter William Brown became Company President and held that position for four years. As a resident of Camden, Arkansas, W.W. Brown would catch a morning train for Pine Bluff, attend board meetings and return home on the evening train.
     In honor of co-founder W.W. Brown's many years of service and considerable financial support, in 1911, Henderson College, a methodist school in Arkadelphia, Arkansas, was re-named Henderson-Brown College. The school remained Henderson-Brown until 1929, when it became a state supported institution.
     In 1916, the youthful E.M. Brown, son of the original stockholder Edward M. Brown, joined the company as a delivery boy. During his bicycle deliveries across town, he managed visits of a few minutes each way to visit with Annie B. Ezell, who was to become his wife.
     At age 18, he became a stockholder. Later he would hold the position of salesman for more than 60 years. He was made President of the company in 1943.
     E.M. Brown's son, Edward E. Brown, kept the family tradition and began working for the company in 1949. he was president from 1978 to 1985, and worked for the company until his death in 1987.
     In it's 100+ year history, Arkansas Mill Supply Company has occupied four different locations in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. It was first on Main Street, but was destroyed by fire in 1916. Disaster also struck the second location at Third and louisiana when in 1927, a devastating flood put the company out of business for a month. In 1970, the company moved to 5th and Alabama, and in 1993, the company moved to it's present location at 701 Commerce Road.
In addition to Pine Bluff, Arkansas Mill Supply Company now has locations in Little Rock, Fort Smith, Rogers and Texarkanas.
     In this day and time, a 100 year old company, in which direct descendants of the founders actively participate in day-to-day operations and management - is a rarity. As a member of this select group, Arkansas Mill Supply Company, applying its basic business principles of honesty, integrity and accountability - survived fires, floods, the great depression and the rampant merger-sellout mania of the seventies and eighties.
     As the Company embarks on its second century, you have our pledge, that as our business environment inevitably changes, our principles will not.